I studied in Boston for three years.

I'm not arresting you.

They didn't even know what to do.

I think Frankfurters have much more taste than Viennese.


"Climb back from the comment area, I feel lonely and I'm scared!" shouted Naren, anxious.


My grandfather often nods over his newspaper.


He cannot fix his attention on anything for long.


The economy is at peak of a business cycle at present.

Let's quit while we're ahead.

They were trying to kill you.

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In towns, speed is limited to 50 km/h.

The tyrant's heart melted with compassion.

I feel really sad.

I am beating my dog.

The commander was roaring at his soldiers.

I stepped on a piece of broken glass.

He's just buying time.

Every day I planned my revenge.

She was glad to have Jim say her name.

We were crazy about each other.

Arne was alive.

Who taught James how to speak French?

I am uncertain when he will come next.

I never meant to hurt her.

I'm between jobs at the moment.


It's a mess.


Murph used the car jack.


Linux is a free operating system; you should try it.

Potential customers have been listed.

These are special circumstances.


I can take care of her.


Shakil got a bottle of water out of the fridge.

Will it rain tomorrow?

She met a businessman.

I trust that China will go on to take a more active part.

Are you coming to the party tomorrow?


Jianyun seemed troubled.

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The game was canceled at the last minute.

Does Ahmet know anything about it?

He is as mad as a March hare.

Do you offer any night tours?

What makes you think Vice did this?


Mikey kicked the snow off his boots.

Sorrel bought some rope to use as a clothesline.

You have very good tastes.


Calculus was discovered separately by Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton.

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When did the Thirty Years' War take place?


I didn't really understand where the question came from.


He spoke to the point.

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Where was she at that moment?


I'm not really sure about anything.

You are not able to swim, are you?

I'm pretty sure he's right.


Shuvra is dancing with Gregg.

I'm getting some beautiful shots.

I don't want her seeing this.


She's beautiful and intelligent.

What on earth did you put it on the menu for?

Language schools suck.

I'm almost sure that's the way it happened.

I'm crazy about him!


I didn't have time to change.

That might not be as hard as you think it's going to be.

I've never even met Luis.

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He who will succeed must work hard.

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You seem mad.


I'm sure Johnathan knew that.

My father began jogging last month.

I can't see the words on the blackboard.

Bill's abrupt manner causes him to be misunderstood.

They eat a lot of rice.

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He defected to the Soviet Union in the 1950's.

I don't want to be here. I want to not be here.

The crucial verb in SQL--Structured Query Language--is "SELECT." SELECT statements return row sets from tables, cursors, joins, or the row sets returned by other SELECT statements.

I'm a vegetarian.

Stretch the dough with your hands.


It went on for days.

I am a great admirer of American culture.

Randall and Albert discussed their future plans.

The son asked a question of his mother.

Raja has a friend who lives in Boston.

My favorite food is ice cream.

I thank you very much for your help.

I can't wait for Toerless to come home so I can show him this.

Rakhal was a great help to me.


The people I work with are all very kind.

Am I alone here?

I don't miss Hotta.

He would give an arm and a leg for that.

Stan's paintings were so chaotic and abstract that they tended to bewilder viewers.

I'm not in a mood to go out.

Do one.

It seems very difficult for me.

It isn't futile to go to university.

I can hear sadness in your voice.

Even if it rains, we will travel.

All the students of the university have access to the university library.

I asked them to unlock the door.

It doesn't make much sense to me that we aren't allowed to sit here.

Holly is a great guitar player.

We saw them last night.

Nothing can be worse than that.


She has no idea what I intend to do.

This word is hard to translate.

I feel refreshed.


Why didn't you tell someone?

We swam in the lake.

What would Ma say if she knew you associated with such common people!

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Jill came just in the nick of time.

Look it up on Wikipedia.

I don't know what I want right now.

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The wall around the hut was made of human bones and on its top were skulls.

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I'll tell him you came by.

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We've come too far to give up now.

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It's better not to prattle on about meaningless things. The more you open your mouth the more likely you are to put your foot in it.

Those are old wives' tales.

This is cooking well.

With his mother out of the way, Duke was able to proceed with his plan to embezzle the money from the company.

There was nothing she could have done.

I feel safe with him.

The witch is stirring her cauldron.

He's right behind me.

She would like to be a psychiatrist.

They set off fireworks.

Paul came back with the father.

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What is it you're asking me to do?

It's a pity that you didn't catch up with Mott while he was in town.

This is Jordan's bedroom.

The recent frequency of earthquakes makes us nervous.

I don't know when I'll be done.

Kristen stole my heart.

Let us out.

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Hey, there's somebody coming out of the cave.

Torsten rushed down the corridor.

I got to the bus stop just after the bus had left.

I didn't think so.

Please don't put that on the table.


Let's go and see her.

I quietly take out my camera, so as not to be noticed by my photographic subject, and peek through the finder.

There is a hole in Jon's sock.


It's happening.

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Tell me the right time, please.

I heard the news about Louise.

I slept better than I have for a long time.

Geoffrey has been hunting for a job since he lost his previous job last year.

That job gave him little gratification.

You don't... you don't talk to me like that.

She had a good time talking with him about his trip.

I was happy, wasn't I?

Did the car look old?


That doesn't happen often.


Constant effort yields sure success.

Do they watch TV?

I couldn't find his house.

The country code for calling Italy is 39.

Daniele asked me where Rupert lived.

I lost my keys.

Ricardo knows the capital of each state in the United States.